Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, success!

Maybe I can get back to my pictures more regularly, soon. I've gotten finished with my clinicals and another thing I've been having to do. It's great, I'm slowly getting some of my free time back! 
It is absolutely true, I succeeded getting the sticks I had to have!
The patients were all saying that I didn't hurt them, too. Praise the Lord that learning how to stick myself a few years ago did seem to help with this, at least handling the needles! XD

Some more good news is that the teacher got a new book to teach from--it was written this year and teaches what's going to be on the certification test. To put that in English? It's teaching closer to what's on the final, instead of us having to choke through a giant book that hides most of the information or is confusing at points.

We were also given a list of medical terms that we need to know. Thankfully, these terms aren't going to change anytime soon, it's just a matter of remembering what they mean. So let's hope this comes through quickly, hm? At least before I ever have to write it anywhere!

I also promise I've been working on the Valeon picture that's so long been on my list. Been having trouble making the walls come together properly and making the stones on the archway behave. Goodness knows it doesn't want to do for me, but...I guess it's just part of drawing. I expect to be done with it sometime this year, anyway.

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