Friday, November 30, 2012

Still no picture! @@

I swear to get another picture in soon. I'm just still studying for my that's just been less time for art. ^^; 

I bombed the final. It wasn't an F but it sure was low. @@ Thankfully it only pulled my average down to an 85% instead of lower. (And I think 85% is good for As and Bs! So yay that! XD) Long as I pass the Cert, I'll be oh so happy. That means I may get to work somewhere if I do. 
And mercy am I hoping for that. Tired of just being on Social Security...Earning something for real is going to be tons better than just having it given to me.

Just praying that they keep the insurance having to take people with pre-existing conditions. And that they aren't able to drag me further into the ground than I'm going to start. ...maybe it'll be alright if I can get on the medical insurance though. Let's just see. 

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