Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Amazing!

Someone has written a recipe for ice cubes! It's been a hit with the reviews...

I am loving the reviews this "forgotten recipe" has gotten. XD Here's hoping someone else can get a laugh too! I've read through page three so far and some of these reviewers are brilliant writers.

Laughing to bits over this one:   

"I can't believe all the reviews people are writing. I mean, how in the world did you people taste them? I've made two batches, but you can't pick them up with a fork or a spoon. I tried cutting them into smaller pieces, but that didn't work. Chopsticks was a complete disaster. I put them on a serving tray and we were going to try eating them as finger foods, but BRRRRRR... and they kept slipping out.

Read more at:"

There are about 20 pages of this, if anyone else wants to know!

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