Friday, March 17, 2017

Paint delay admission

Yes, I've been delaying putting any color on this picture. Went back and redid some linework and everything! Well, this is why.

The darn picture has agreed to be a sunset! 

I'm not used to an image agreeing with me about the lighting situation. And it's going to be the mountains to the sides that's going to be hardest to figure out with all those little rocks...Let's not count the five characters on top of that.
It's going to be pretty fun to get this thing to work. But it's going to be exactly that. Work.

Considering the last sunset I did was "Battle's Sunset" that's posted to my Art page and deviantArt, this one should hopefully come out better. But I'm going to have to argue with Valeon for a little while about his images being so much trouble for me...can't be pleased with just posing on an easier background, noooo. He expects his story to come out in these! XD

Had a nice suggestion that the sun was flattening the image since it was front and center. So I've edited the sunset a bit to pull it down. Thanks, BrushXO!

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