Monday, December 5, 2016

Deviantart Features

Feature Time!

You guys know the rules, take the time to click these. There's only 7 people in this, after all, it'll be worth your while!
The first bold link is to their gallery (if you're interested and have a dA account, feel free to watch them!) and the next are to one or two specific pieces that caught my eye.


--"Displacement I"
This is...not a photo! The depth had me fooled the most, that and the sky. I'm still wondering how they made that moose behave as it should (even if it was "placed", the artist still had to blend it and make it look as if it's part of the photo).

--"City Drifting"
In this whole painting, I think I'm taken most by how the textures meet between the floor and wall. That said, look at the character's boots and her hair! It's amazing how someone can make things seem so realistic!


Again, I'm caught by the colors. It's beautiful in how she made the sky look dark, but yet bright enough for us to see what's in it. (Try to find the constellation of the whale!) And then the two characters cuddled together leaning against the tree has this image nicely tied up, in my opinion!


There is so much to say about this one piece that I can't give it its full credit! The faces are done perfectly, the colors in this piece tell far more than can be assumed. Plus the planet and stars right where there come together?


--"Rainy Night"
Doesn't the whole seen look wet and dreary? The blurry lights in the background, the water all around the two figures...HowlingArc even got the characters' reflection underneath where they're sitting.

These colors are adorable, aren't they? Yes it's not a happy character, nor a nice situation with her, but the artist did an amazing job with the whole thing!


--"Galloping Gala Dress and Practice"
A cute 3 steps of their character's hair (mane?), shoes, and dress for the Galloping Gala. Found it cute so it's getting called out here. And I do enjoy the way they painted this.

--"Still Not Interested"
Ever had a friend decide that y'all ought to be a couple and you weren't at all interested in that? Meet Katherine (the annoyance in this one case) and Mary, the poor gal who has to put up with it all.


--"Fennec Digital Painting"
When I first looked at this painting, I thought it to be a photo. Look at how detailed everything is, from the whiskers to the ear tufts. The fur even behaves as fur ought to!

Again, look at the fur. How she shows only little tufts of it coming up here and again. And then look at the cat's expression--it certainly has attention somewhere off camera.


--"Brisbane Supermoon"
A beautiful capture of the Supermoon. OriginalMovement had a great idea in removing the stars in this one, it makes the moon's colors come out a bit better. Just learned better--she had a cloudy night, had to wait until the moon could be seen between the clouds. Oops on my end! It's still a lovely image! ^^

I always fall for these kinda sea photos. Especially when they have so many waves caught in the background!

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