Sunday, December 11, 2016

Delayed post, but a picture update!

Apologies for skipping two Fridays! Both ears got infected at the same time and I really wasn't up to drawing or playing around with anything since I was busy coughing my throat raw and not hearing things. Been to the doctor and got shots and some antibiotics. I'm not finished with them but I'm just so happy that I can hear again.
All I have to do now is recover my stamina (because the MS has to be jealous when I'm sick with anything else) and get rid of the rest of this mess.

And and and, I learned today that the choir decided to wait on the Christmas musical so they could get some more practice--I've been doing terrible about that this time around. So that's great. I've been able to listen to the disc so now that my voice has mostly returned, I can get a little practice in before we perform.

Art wise, I felt up to toying a tad with the Tre image yesterday. I messed with the line thickness and what the lines were drawn with, did a little editing that was needed earlier, and painted the jeans on the forward facing version. If everything keeps coming like this did, Tre ought to be finished soon.

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