Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ordered a new art book!

My collection keeps growing and my room is going to end up turning into a small library if I keep doing this. It starts with 7 and then suddenly becomes twenty and thirty before y'know it!
Not to say that there's anything wrong with that, no no no. I want all the references that I can get my hands on! But...buying a bookshelf that might fit somewhere would take the money that was planned to use on books.
Such a terrible problem. *tsk*

This new book that I've bought is a book on color theory and I really look forward to reading it. Testing out what it explains will be even better! Especially when it finally starts showing up in my paintings!

And yes, I've not forgotten that I've said similar about learning to draw figures. That's an ongoing project and I have a feeling that working with the color will be the same. As it will be for any other little thing that I decide needs work.
...I swear. If art was any less busy or challenging, I bet that I'd hate it. Or, at the least, would be bored to tears!


  1. Sounds like my problem with buying pocket knives...

    1. There's just never enough, is there? And why should there be?