Friday, November 18, 2016

What is it about Facebook Solitaire that's so fun?

At least, what's so fun about it that makes me put off my drawing? 😦Gah. As if delaying isn't bad enough.

Anyway, next time you see it, I'll have reworked Tre's grayscale. Because this one isn't right. And it isn't doing well making my painted version have good coloration. XD
That said, I've picked out a better palette for him that ought to actually work out like I want.

Can anyone believe that we've only got a single week til December? This year's just about flown, hasn't it? The more that has to be done, I guess...

I leave you with a song from a band that I'd almost forgotten about. Iron by Within Temptation! Check them out if you like this kind of music! They've got several albums. ^^


  1. Nice to see someone else who enjoys WT.

    1. WT is an excellent group. I love how her voice can carry the story the song is telling.