Saturday, November 5, 2016

If Blender was just that much easier...

I've been practicing with it! I can bring up the screens that I need and can just about get any recording into it. Going to have to watch the example my friend made to see how to get music and everything again, once I have the nerve to record more than a few seconds at a time.
OBS studio's been doing what it's supposed to as well. Have finally gotten it onto for eventual livestreaming and have been dabbling in actual recording for that long unused Youtube account. I'll be sure to set something up to link here if a recording makes it there.

Tell you what. When OBS is active, it's like I've got a little more focus into what I'm trying to work on. There aren't so many of those wait times in deciding to do something and it's kinda nice--did the whole of the Tre grayscale with it up. It was the fastest thing I'd ever done! Usually, I'm much more specific on how and what to do; that it came out well was the most surprising thing.
Maybe painting it will be more of the same, once I've chosen the colors.

I've also decided that I'm not going to fully reline Find the Way. While I'd like to fix Jesse's pose and Valeon's face, I'm far too lazy for that. Especially when I'm already working on Tre! So I'm just going to grayscale and repaint FtW at some point. It's driving me crazy how flat everything is now that I've done better!

(...Here's hoping that these links won't break my site again. Last time I tried this, something didn't work at all and I never did figure out why. Had to remove the links to make the viewer end of this page come up right!)

Anyway! Plans are set and now I've said this for the public to see, it means that it should happen!


  1. If you have any trouble, record (or livestream) the trouble, and I'll try to figure out what's giving you problems.

    1. I'll do that, if I come up with other problems. Thank you very much! Accidentally figured out what I was doing wrong this time, with another test recording.