Saturday, July 16, 2016

Of course my vision plays up.

I mean reaaally, I'm not trying to work on a picture at all. Of course the feeling of a bar across my eyes and the vision being/staying a little blurry since is completely welcome!

Talked to my neurologist Friday and then went by the general practitioner today to check if I'm sick in some other way.

There are two good things out of this, though. My neurologist doesn't believe my eyes messing up has anything to do with my MS. And after tests, the general practitioner figures it's just allergies. (Sidenote: I am thrilled that it's just that. Usually I've got some minor infection every time, but the tests didn't show anything at all. ...I'm still thrilled. XD)

So now I just have to go by the eye doctor's office; since the neurologist would prefer I check that and get back to him about it all. It'll be a good idea too, what and how blurry things have been since the pain. Very hoping that I don't have to have another pair of glasses or any sort...

Very sorry that I've not had another drawing based image at the moment. With any luck, either getting the eye doctor's appointment will be quick or my vision will clear up enough to be able to play with my sketch.

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