Monday, July 4, 2016

Mercy. Been fiddling with a picture--

--and I'm completely late on my so called "weekly" posts! Do not know if I mentioned what I'm doing before, but I'm working on a 'character sheet' of sorts for one of my characters.
(Image update on July 31)

As you can see, I've not gotten too far. I've been planning and studying how to draw faces and whatnot--in the upper left, I want to draw a few expressions and the bottom right will have something. (Currently, I'm hovering between another weapon of his and maybe other small things he carries or has on him.)

Have to share what I'm looking at to learn how to draw faces. These four videos are on drawing the head:

He has a free course on Portrait and Head Drawing under Lessons > Library of All Videos then find the Portrait / Head Drawing header if you're interested!

Edit: July 7, 2016

I have done that which I will never succeed in repeating in the next few months! He has hair and his features are corrected! (Thank you to girlfoxgirl on dA for helping!)

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