Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ugh. Fourth character

Maj, the oldest in the bunch I've already drawn and posted, is being so fussy! I'm sure he'll eventually behave (that's a benefit to knowing he's oldest!) let me draw, once he's pleased with the pose.
As of now, he seems pretty happy with the doll I've posed that has its hand to his forehead as if saying, "And I have to be related to them!"

...maybe he'll let me pose him a little better before I have to start drawing. The doll I'm working with right now is pretty funny.

Plus, Clip Studio's ability to show a lightsource on the dolls is quite nice, hopefully I'll color things right. Shading has also been woefully missing for quite a long time and I have little idea when it fell. I don't think it has to do with my taking up a study, so it's gotta be something I've been overlooking lately.
...kinda shameful, seeing how I used to be somewhat decent with painting shadows and making a character stand out. ^^;

So my work is set out. I love the difficult stuff! XD

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