Saturday, December 27, 2014

6 o clock rambling over updated picture

I am very much getting irritated with the internet. Things that shouldn't take seconds will, in its constant effort to drive me crazy, take a few minutes to finally show itself. How terribly rude of it! ( I showing myself as the true impatient gal I am? XD Let's stick with the internet at fault, hm?)

One thing I'm not too unhappy with right now is how Find the Way is turning out. I realize that I will need to go over Jesse's skin again since I didn't shade him similar to the other two, but I'm falling in love with Clip Studio's blending tool!

(Image updated on Feb 3 post)

And now I realize that it doesn't look like he's gotten more than a bit more color. Same for Val and Kima. Hm. Serves me right for working on a grayish background, I guess. More work to be done.
Otherwise I'm happy with how everything's coming out. See, I've done myself a favor and put a compass rose on that map? Turns out that the sun would be rising on the same side as the viewer.

That helps so so much. @@

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