Friday, January 2, 2015

Stuff to work on!

Right. Never fear asking people what they think your art style is. Some people have great tips. XD I just posted on deviantart about things a day ago, and here's what people have brought up that should help.

  • Gesture sketches
Not something I'm used to doing. You're intentionally supposed to leave them unfinished. However, it would certainly help me loosen up on how I draw the characters and maybe help me learn to exaggerate them well! 

  • Sharper lines
Note to self: Stop using the watercolor brush to draw the lines. And probably to stop being so afraid of the ink and other tools that are on the program. Blurry lines can make the focus of a piece push into the background.

  • Better Lighting
I leave too many solid colors on a piece, which makes an image flat. So I need to learn how to use sharp shadows and highlights to help bring things out. 

  • Anatomy
As always, I need much more work on character anatomy--muscles and such. The bit that was pointed out in the thread is that the cone shapes I use to draw the arms and legs isn't actually correct. And that it'd be good to practice drawing taller and shorter characters, thinner and fatter ones.

I so look forward to practicing with some of this stuff! I have a lonely sketchbook that would do well for the gesture sketches. Then Clip Studio has basic male and female poseable dolls that I can adjust to sketch out the different body types. (They can be set aside as the references they are.) 

And happy new year to everyone, I'm sorry I missed that yesterday! Hope that your New Year celebrations/days at home were what you wanted and were nice!

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