Monday, August 21, 2023

Feature 222--ByHeven



Learning about this character was quite fun. She is an antagonist of the story she's in...and I always love these kind of characters. Without them, when and how would the story move?
I really enjoy how her hair was painted, it seems to hint toward her true nature as a Control Devil. And ByHeven did a lovely job on the shadows and light on this character. Great work!


Another lovely job on painting hair! ByHeven has learned how to paint the hair so well! And aren't her eyes just perfect? Look at that cute blush on the face and nose, too. Fits quite well for a character sitting out in the snow, in my opinion.
I wonder what has made her need or want to be out in this cold? Lovely piece!


This one right here looks like she'd fit in some video game, just look at how she's designed! That jacket (or is it armor of sorts?) seems like some I've seen adventure games. And I personally love her skincolor since it sets off everything so pretty. But I have to go back to those eyes, they're so pretty! It makes me think that maybe she's a creature created from the gems she's wearing on that jacket.
In all, this is an amazing piece!

Aren't these character portraits just so nice? As I said, I could almost see some of them in a videogame! To see more, ByHeven's gallery is here; go and enjoy!

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