Monday, September 26, 2022

Feature 184--GreyLyra


The piece of writing just under this piece gives so much story behind this image. Is the one speaking the lady in this piece? Is the one speaking another woman who lost the man to this one? It's so fun to imagine.
But what do you think about the pencil work here? I personally love how well GreyLyra did to shade all of this and it's so interesting how the female is holding on to this guy. Super work!


Isn't think paint/color just amazing? I love the skin color and the way that the clothing and hair were designed and colored in. And just look at the background. It sets these characters off so properly.
While I'm not drooling over the colors in general, my eyes keep going to that fire-like spikes going to the man's nose. Is he breathing out flame or is this possibly getting rid of issues in her? They could be thorns too. And just look at the gal! I love her hair and those eyes are so pretty.
It's all amazing here!

Ladies of the Wood

Again, the color on this piece is just gorgeous! I love that dirt underneath them and the flowers that the deer and other animals are laying on. And just look at the way GreyLyra was able to create the fur on the animals, it looks so real to my eye! That blue tree on the right sets off the lady's brown hair so pretty, and I love it how the trees in the background have been drawn in without making blocking things in too close.
This piece had to take forever (at least by my guess!) so I'm so very amazed by it! Excellent work.

Weren't these so fun to see? If you're interested in more, GreyLyra's gallery is right here!

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