Monday, September 5, 2022

Feature 181--V1su4lB4s1c

Flying Saucers

How fun would it be to see aliens coming down but then realize that the saucers are only giant CDs? And of course we'd have to find some science way to make the CD play, however large they are. Imagine one of them landing right in front of a mountain or on top of a lake! Because they couldn't be tiny, right?
...this would be how we would learn that the aliens had already taken over, isn't it?
I love this whole piece!

Hello World

To me, it looks like the computer is in space. Is it in the process of creating the world on its screen? Maybe reflecting it as a gesture of kindness? That it's saying 'Hello World' seems like it's being friendly at least (thank goodness!).
The comments on this piece bring up that programmers tend to learn by some training that has a person get 'Hello World' to come up on the screen...maybe the picture of the world is part of that? This brings up such fun ideas in my mind. Maybe the creators in eternal space are just trying to learn and control a computer program before or during the time that they create their own?
This piece is so fun to look at and think over.

The New Challengers

Fourteen people there in the Colosseum to watch the ones battling before them. Currently, Creugas and Damoxenos cautiously circle each other in the ring...
I love this image, it looks exactly how I would imagine the old style Colosseum battles would be advertised--if everyone had the images necessary at the time. That statue holding up the world, with the locations where the Warriors had traveled from. And those statues along the bottom as if they're just waiting for their turn to fight.
This is a super well done piece and it had to have taken ages for him to take and edit the statues. Plus with that lovely background! Love it!

V1su4lb4s1c created these so fun and amazing pieces! To see them and even more, the link to his gallery is right here. Enjoy!

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