Thursday, December 17, 2020

"Get Off Me" v.2 finished


You know, ambition has no idea or care about what level of art you're able to do. It's going to shove you all around until all of it is finished for a piece. And it's so darn fun to do all of the work that comes through. This looks so much more interesting than the first version! I have no idea if I handled the light and dark right, but it was very fun to mess around with.

Original "Get Off Me"

Here is the 2017 version again. It's so fun to see them together now that both are complete!
Oh I could come up with critiques, but it won't change what I didn't know in 2017.

This was all so fun to play with and that surprises me. But I'll get back to playing with Norux for his emotions on the next personal post!

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