Saturday, December 1, 2018

Update and partial homework

Everything is calmer in the house, finally. ^^ Mom's getting around without a problem and she feels a lot better. So that's a lot off my shoulders. Yes, it was just gallbladder surgery but it makes me nervous when anyone's having to go back and forth to a doctor. 
If anyone's been watching this site for any amount of time, thanks for your patience!

Now for my homework:
The idea is that these cubes are meant to be rotating like you saw in my last post or two. I forgot to draw a line under them to keep them even but that does not matter at all. It's imperfect but I can currently see where the boxes are trying to rotate! That thrills me. And it's so nice to be back to messing with homework like I should have been ages ago! 

Will finally get this bit done and get to go to my next lesson!

Of course, I have to find distractions left and right. A friend of mine helped me figure out exactly why my Sims 2 game wasn't working--something between 8.1 and 10 must have deleted one of the important parts that the game needs. Had to restart from the beginning but that's not a problem.
No, my trouble is that I want to play that game now. While I'm getting more work on my assignments. I'm ridiculous!

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