Friday, April 6, 2018

I dislike working so slowly!

I really and truly do. Thought that buying a tablet would kick me into gear and make me go faster, that it would be faster and easier than "just" using a mouse to do everything with...WELL. This is my third tablet and I'm still just crawling getting things done.
Guess I shouldn't be whining though, getting more done with actually drawing things than I ever accomplished otherwise.

This is actually coming out a lot better than I expected it to--hopped into a dA art chat and soo many people leapt in with critique. Critique is golden and here's the proof:
Pose: Syccas-stock
Characters clothing: CherrysDesigns
Watertop: Solira-stock

Compare this to what I did to Valeon's wrinkles before the critique and you'll see. Getting his mantle and belt shaded in should be tons easier, then that glove of his. And will finally get to Leana.

...Leana, I swear if you give me the fit Valeon has, I'm going to poke you in that pretty face so hard.

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