Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sandisk player arrived!

That MP3 player is a lot tinier than I thought it was. Very fun that it's about half the size of the one that died. Plus it's amusing that I use these huge over the ear headphones...imagine this plugged into this little thing.
Giggling aside, the player's been doing pretty well for me. Loving the option to turn off the e-reader and other bits that I'm not going to use anyway (why didn't the old player have that option?!) and that it will clip to my pocket or something. Makes it a ton easier to handle!

Music player aside, I may never get back to my picture. Had 10 dollars to spend and I bought Stardew Valley of all things. So far, I enjoy that I can get right into fishing without having to spend a game's worth of a few months to get the fishing guy into town. He was already there.
...I complain right now but, if Harvest Moon had everything so open, Stardew's maker wouldn't have had a need to create this game. So I'm much more happy than I play at and I hope that it keeps like this.

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