Friday, June 16, 2017

We survived VBS!

We survived and the kids had a ball this past week. So everything was a success! ^^ ...yeah, I'll be helping out next year when we do this again.
It's exhausting, a lot like herding little kittens, but it was so fun. Can't wait for the next one!
I think the kids liked the music sessions and crafts most, they got to dance and make little toys to mess with all week.

And and and, I complained about OneDrive earlier--it's successfully been dealt with, thanks to tips from a friend. With Google Drive and Dropbox, Microsoft's version isn't necessary!

Have to speak highly about the SanDisk 64gb flash drive that we recently bought, too. This one is encrypted so that means that I've got some of the most protected images on this side of town. (Because I have nothing else to protect yet? Mmhm. Yeah, sure. I'll find more to put on here soon. XD)
Mouthing aside? For $20 and some tax, this is the best backup I've had in awhile.

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