Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kima and Valeon are both finished!

Valeon's Clothing: CherrysDesigns
Ground texture: Stockf8

...three more characters til this is finished! Putting in the waterfall definitely brought them closer to the hills and I'm enjoying the shadows I have for Val and Kima.
And ohmygosh, I would never have gotten Kima worked out without help from a dA friend! Thank you so very very much, jameycakeshottie.

I need to give a warning for her page, however. I don't personally have a problem with her artwork, since she does all of her models and situations in Daz Studio, but if you're uncomfortable with the idea of bondage and "peril" (quotes because she does her work with a 3D program), you may want to avoid this one.


  1. Your link to your dA friend appears to be broken.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! It was working the other day...but I've edited the post since then. May have messed something up.

    2. Can you check now? I've edited the link and it should take you there.

    3. Yeah, it works now. I looks like you misspelled the usernmae. "ie instead of "y".

    4. I could have done that so easily. *nod* It's an easy mistake. Thanks much for helping me find it!