Sunday, April 16, 2017

Image updated, again!

...You know, it was much easier to keep to one post each Friday when I was making/posting sprite backgrounds. Simpler, too. >>; But now, that I've 'evolved' into doing my own pictures, I'm going to drag you through each and every flail that I go through.
*cut to some character spitting out fire with some kind of evil laughter in the background* 


Right. I'm sure you already knew about this nefarious plot. Only been doing it this way since Box of Blurbs/this site started. This time, I think I've finally made some kind of breakthrough, there's actually some change that's gone on. It's starting to come out like a sunset. It's gotten darker; correctly! At least what I'd assume to be 'correct'. Still better than what I originally had.
Valeon's new clothing design: CherrysDesigns
Ground texture from: Stockf8
Image edit: Apr 20

Things are finally starting to come out. I could scream or cry, whichever comes first with this maddening picture.

Also, found a much easier way to rotate the image in Clip. You don't have to go down to the 'Rotate Left', 'Rotate Right' arrows and lose your place on the canvas. Nope! All that has to be done is hold the R key and move the tablet pen/mouse left or right at will.
Should have learned this at least a year ago. >>; But I never knew how to move a canvas quickly with GIMP, either, and that was my go-to program before someone introduced Clip.


  1. For Microsoft Image Composer it's middle click to drag the canvas. Also works in SketchUp, though you have to hold/not hold combinations of Ctrl and maybe Alt (can't remember--I do it more intuitively than logically) whether you're panning or rotating the canvas (the joys of working in 3-D.

    1. Yeah, rotating in 3D has to be that much more specific, doesn't it? SketchUp is a lovely mess, helpful as it is.