Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Breaking the Veil

Oh does my heart ever break this night
that, in two days, you will lose your life.
I love you so much and I'll do anything,
even fight all Hell to save you more pain.

You're miserable tonight, blind and weak.

It's been a struggle lately that you even eat.
Why, then, do I feel like such a monster
to do what needs done? It's horrible.

You've been with me for fifteen years.

Even saved me from my darkest fears.
You saved my life. It feels oh so wrong
to send you away. I don't want to be alone.

This is hell. Am I brave enough?

I'm dying now; I'll miss your love,
the innocent trust that you've given me.
Please forgive that I must send you away.

It should eventually be okay. I think,

even though, right now, I can only weep.
I'll spare you your misery. I can do this.
But I promise you will forever be missed.

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