Thursday, February 12, 2015


Not finished but I'm pretty happy with this character. Don't know whether to add shoes to him or not but it's nearly time to ink him--which I dread more than I seriously ought to. Facepalms all around, right? 

Shoes depend if I can find something that he'd mimic. Otherwise, he's barefoot. He's in his volcano, the other half of himself, so any sharp stone won't hurt him or anything. And I intended to write his name somewhere on the 'frame', top or bottom. Not too sure if I want to do that anymore. 
We'll just have to see what happens.

Otherwise, I love how his feet came out and those hands! SO the hardest part of the thing. I know that one of these days, I'll need to learn how to give different hairstyles. This one is the original of this style and his grandson needs to have another entirely. 

But yes. This guy will be finished soon!

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