Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We had /another/ internet out today.

In fact, the internet has been giving us problems for a WHILE now. So when the net went out, I called the company and arranged for a technician to come here and check things out. The person they sent today was magic. (It could be said less interesting ways, that he simply knew what he was doing, but I like my phrasing. Especially as long as we've been putting up with this!)

He found a couple wires that weren't connected properly, described it as the electricity was 'bridging' (sp?) for the month or so we've had this internet. That and the fact that AT&T's wires were still plugged in? The poor computer was terribly confused so that's why the browsers couldn't find internet so often. At least until we refreshed 4 or 5 times! 

Oh my stars, I hope that this has everything straightened out. It'll be so very nice if we have what we're paying for now! @@

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