Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have GOT to figure out how to break fanfiction into fiction.

Because, quite honestly, if it weren't for some of the names and locations I'm accustomed to using? I'd have me another setting that I could write as my own. XD 
Darn that I started it in fanfiction, too. 

I have this tribe that I've been calling Shiekah (from the Legend of Zelda games) who live in a place called Termina (again from Legend of Zelda). So much of my stuff just barely fits with what's already known in the games that they could easily be fixed if I could trust myself and my head to remember things. 

*facepalm* And honestly, it doesn't bother me so much as pester me to pieces that it's not fully mine. I came up with the base ideas of Awakening the Inferno and the characters there by myself, Jadewind and the elves in Jadewind, I came up with the Volcano Telei and the fire elemental who lives there. 
So why is it so hard to break everything that belongs to the game in the fanfiction and make it my own?

I talk about Awakening the Inferno, too. No idea where my work and worldbuilding went unless it was all in the dead computer. o.x (Though I may have accidentally'd some of it into my laptop. Will have to see at some point.)
Edit: Seems I'd stashed all I had on my external. Gosh it itches so much again!

No idea why it's driving me so badly crazy, really, unless it's the same nonsense that keeps me fighting with my pictures.
Won't deny it that my words don't come to me as they should. And that it's a lot harder to put anything that makes any sense together. But why does it kill me if I don't find some outlet for it? Feels like I'm doing so badly to the billions of characters that I have in my head and I can't just wipe them out! 

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  1. The way you write this makes me wonder if Natlmr (the country I made for the storyline I mentioned Volcano Telei and Jadewind) could know of the Termina location. It makes an interesting thought that they wouldn't -have- to be locked to their own...
    And the fact that one of my characters believes himself to have conquered some ridiculous number of planets (probably not even a fifth of -his- number) makes me wonder if some are these little spots that I've cooked up for situations.

    Thank you for bringing this up. I think that it'll be fun to toy with the idea!