Friday, May 23, 2014

Never Ever Ever Again

Yes. I knew I dislike maps. No fancy reason, just that the ones I've been unfortunate enough to come across were too small. ...Right. It's a definite thing that I don't like maps and I never will! @@ I don't like reading maps and I don't like drawing them!
(Update: May 28)

Eegh...later on, that thing on the table is going to have to have COLOR and it's going to have to look like it worked... And I have several friends that will mock me " 'Never again' until you do it again". 

High respects to the people who draw maps for your D&D or job or whatnot else. Very high respects and applause. This little bitty scrap of lines gave me far too much trouble to ever consider really drawing one!

Also. This. THIS is where my time goes. I interrupt myself from making my characters' lines better or trying to figure out the background to plop in a map that, in almost absolute certainty, is going to just barely be looked over in favor of the rest of the piece. Is it any wonder that it takes me so darn long to get a piece finished? 

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