Thursday, May 1, 2014

My body says to go back to sleep.

I can't go back to sleep because I'm at the office right now. Being the only one here, that would be horrible. Especially since I tend to jump out of my skin nearly every time the phone rings. XD

But the office is so so comfortable. The temperature is in the best place for sleeping. My body is silly, deciding that it can be allowed to be sleepy. I refuse to let it.

I have a medium Colombian Blend coffee from Hardees too. And that delicious breakfast that came with so very good. Chicken with gravy poured over it, the biggest biscuit that my eyes believe they've ever seen and that was prepared with just the right amount of butter, the hash rounds that were so perfectly round...
And now that my belly is full it is rallying the horde in the 'must sleep' department too! What was I supposed to do, ignore its cries until lunch?!

The mind is supposed to be more powerful than the body. That's what's always said with these exercise regimens that are put out all over the television. Those ridiculous things that would most certainly put those well trained Couch Potatoes (remember, wear your title with PRIDE!) in the hospital due to over exertion? 
Yeah, well. My mind. That part of me which is supposed to be so separated from the 'pitiful' body?

It's refusing to let this so nice coffee do what it's supposed to. Can you believe my mind is teaching me to sleep more over coffee?

9:40. Six hours to go until I can bury myself in my so warm, so comfortable sheets and comforter...

No! Mind!! BAD! You go to the corner until you can wake up for this morning! And that doesn't mean to go on full alert at 3:00 just to spite me!


  1. If you're having a war between your mind and your body, make your body work for it. No, seriously: short, intense physical exercise raises the heart rate, pushes adrenaline through your system, and gives your body a wake-up call.

    Ten squats.

    It will fade, the rush of awakeness, but it won't give you the crash that a caffeine dependence will. And the second set costs less than a second cup.

    It doesn't have to be squats. It just has to get your heart-rate up, the adrenals pumping, your body thinking that it needs to move, without triggering the fight-or-flight response. That's how I pull 36-hour shifts; that, and a LOT of water, because water does for me what coffee does for you. Water keeps me up for a little while longer, and makes me pee a lot ;)

    1. There's something to be said about having to pee. One can't easily sleep through THAT too easy unless they're used to wetting the bed. XD

      Gosh if I could get used to drinking water it'd be something. Maybe can stand it long enough to get this caffeine dependence down!
      Worst thing fighting that is that I hate how water 'tastes'--the proper 'flavor' is little at all, as I understand, I hate how it feels in my mouth. It's a miracle that I've gotten to be nearly 30! (Water must be lovely when it's pure!)