Friday, April 18, 2014

It's funny when words are put to one of my 'artistic patterns'.

"Let it be said that you never let your pics beat you in a fight. just keep restarting over until you win."

And I think he's very right. 
I can never be pleased with a piece for much of anything until I get my lineart as proper as I possibly can. Plus, with this new kick (figuring out how to not make figures too stiff), it's gotten much worse! People'd probably kick me if they could reach me, sometimes. Especially as often as I spam them with edits on the same darn thing.

For my current picture, I'm on restart 3.4 >>; It's driving me crazy, not properly doing a thing I want, and utterly misbehaving.
...but why am I complaining? If I'm not going to get to have some kind of fuss with something, I've discovered that it turns out to be the very most boring thing in this world to me. 

I just wish it wouldn't take so long to get through the restarts and to what I want! XD

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