Friday, April 4, 2014

And a new blog color!

A new color that's mostly been needed for awhile now. Since I did whatever it was that got rid of my stars. XD Might take the violet down a little more but can't say that I terribly disagree with the current idea.

So for something that's not an obvious announcement...
My picture is driving me absolutely crazy. XD Is that anything new? So a small update to show what I've been working with!

What I tell immediately is that Valeon needs more hair, his head looks like someone took a frying pan to the back of it*, and I'll be making those eyes a bit smaller. It worked for Kima. And I have to figure out how I'm going to dress Kima--who is a surprise to me. I coulda sworn that it was Dr Ashton standing there, giving Jesse (who's leaning over the map as he is) some suggestions about letting Valeon lead the way. 

Jesse doesn't want to, of course. Those childish, pesky backseat drivers! Who wants some know it all who'd been over half the area of Termina telling them what direction? Not Jesse. He handles his farm just fine without help to find the way to every small point, so he'll be just fine picking out their path, thank you very much. Let's hope that it ends without a weakly poisoned pine needle from the Shiekah of the grou  --er...a bee sting! Yeaaah, that's it...pesky critters. All you have to do is be one step too close!

The doctor would just tell him the exact same thing Kima is, anyway. 
And it'd be worse, because she'd be one of those country doctors scolding him. While he's being treated. 
The nerve of these young whippersnappers! If they'd just let him read this map in peace...

*sorta fixed his hair yesterday, still haven't decided what I want from it. Put a rock in there but they may well just be in a city cause I've just realized that I am not good enough for what I planned. XDXD