Thursday, December 20, 2012

SHINY! One of my best, so far. XD

First, I want to advertise for someone's stock. If you have a dA and can pay for her high quality stuff (only 20 points), Lalunatique has great stocks. In fact, I used the center picture in this one to make this come out so well. Plus she has some terrific art of her own. So please do go check her out. ^^

Goodness knows that this isn't at all the most finished thing in the world, but it's my very absolute BEST so darn far! @@ Especially without some form of tracing.
Thanks to my friend Garrusgem so very much for teaching me how to do a proper gesture sketch--there's no possible way (unless I get lazy) that my character drawings should be anything less than this anymore. 

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