Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First day of class--Complete!

No new picture for now, again. I wanna talk about my first day of school and I don't have many places to do so without driving too many people crazy. ^^;

Today we just took some notes and got our books. The teachers will be getting in contact with the people who make the brand of scrubs that we'll be wearing since we needed to choose the size that we wear today. And I hope I can fit in 'medium' well enough, large woulda been too big and I can't even wear small regular clothing.

After class three people mentioned that I looked familiar to them, two asked if I coulda been related (we aren't, after a quick check), and then one of them I know I recognized from somewhere. Where? ...there's no telling at all, neither of us knew. XD

The part that scares me the very worst though is if I have a spell from my MS. I can only miss three days, and that's with contacting them like one would do for a job (since the class is training for a job anyway). Lord willing, I won't have a spell til after February next year, but the thought still worries me. One spell and it'd kill everything I've done--the grant I got is a once in a lifetime thing, too./

But I'm gonna do my darnedest to try to keep the MS from acting up--at least til I get out of the phlebotomy part of things. The EKG part, I'll admit, I wasn't really that interested in at all. But what's going to hurt for trying?

So! First day is a success! May the rest of them be the same.

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