Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm far too excited for my own good right now. I've just put in an order for a new tablet that's actually a bit bigger than the one I have now and am so so very excited over it! Monoprice's customer service was quick to getting my questions answered and everything, too. 

Can't wait to get the tablet, either. At first I was looking at one that's 10x6.25" but finally settled on an 8x6" one (Monoprice 8x6" tablet). And if I have to send it back--which I hope I don't!--it shouldn't be too terribly hard to do that either, since the customer page has a place to set up for that as well. 

And I'm gonna get the tablet in 4-5 days! So the wait is going to drive me absolutely mad. XD But I do have an idea of what I'll do with the tablet I already own--put it away in the case something doesn't exactly behave properly. 
But I can hear me complain about how I thought what I have is good if I ever have to swap back. Guess that's the problem with new stuff, though.

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