Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eee! New GIMP version!

Oh yay! GIMP has updated! It's now 2.8, if anyone sees this site and uses GIMP, go to www.gimp.org and download the new version if you want. 
This one downloaded in the Program Files folder instead of Program Files(86x) so I had to swap my brushes from the old file into the new one but other than that, I've not had trouble at all. Thank you to xTernal7 for telling me this as well!

An interesting thing that I've discovered so far is that this version of GIMP has a windowed mode--all the pieces in one window. Me being as I am, of course, will keep the toolboxes and workarea floating but I've heard that some people didn't like GIMP because of that. So maybe this will help them if they choose to swap?

Haha, sorry for this blurb of nothingness, this is just an exciting thing for me. What I've seen so far in my playing is that the pen handles a bit better than it did. Can't wait to get better acquainted with this version!

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