Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's done!

Oh, I absolutely cannot believe it. I have finally finished the phoenix!

Whatever in my head that prompted me to do the feathers one by one, I really thank you for the nice idea. I've been told that the work paid off and that the "flames really do look great". So that was really really nice to have ever thought to do.

But I want to have a word with you, little part in my mind, do you realize that you have made me want to never draw another bird?! And it's horrible that I feel like I should finish another picture as well, I want a little time to rest please.
...I mean, if you can see the point of being so kind. It's all up to you, of course.

I'm so awfully excited though! The phoenix is finished, I love it so much--even if I love it because it's finished. ...that may actually be the case for tonight, I'll find an actual reason to love it tomorrow. XD
Anyway! The phoenix is here:

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