Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Image preparations!

So. My ideas again prove to get harder and harder. This is going to be oh so hard to get correct. XD Especially when the monsters around Kima and Valeon are becoming monsters, no less when it comes to dressing them and getting their clothing set up! 
That said, I'm thrilled with what I've set up right now. It's going to be nice to get all of this lined and set! Then I need to put together the background and everything...haven't decided where they're standing yet. 

If my current idea keeps running, I'll be painting this to be somewhere around the middle of the day. Or at least sometime when the sun is up. We'll see. ^^ Thrilled to be doing another project! 

And, while I'm working on this, I'll finally stop aching. This is going to be day 3 of aching all over for whatever reason MS came up with. Don't want to take an ibuprofen nor do I want to call the neurologist and ask for some pain medicine. 
I don't want to get high, I want to stop aching. But how can a doctor know, as many people as there are who just drug seek? (One is too many, therefore I make it sound worse. Which isn't helping the situation, but dammit, I'm sore.)

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