Wednesday, January 4, 2017

And finally back!

Earlier than the 6th, on top of that. Had a great Christmas break and hope everyone else did too.

I've started another project a day or so ago, haven't gotten too far yet. But I think this should turn out to be a great image, when I'm done! Valeon and Kima are already posed, so now I just need to set up the ones attacking them. ...Before or after I've drawn up some sketches for the scene. It's building up in my mind at least.

But do you guys remember Battle's Sunset? I've been hit with a strong sense of wanting to redo this one, once I looked at it again. I think I'm nearly hopeless! Why is it that I'm never happy unless I have two projects going at once? What makes my head think I'd get either one of them finished if I were to work on them both? Gah! 
Could really do a better Valeon at this point, though. I couldn't decide how his clothes were supposed to look when I drew this one, nor could I really draw him properly. But if I redraw this, I'm going to have to draw that city again. That whole city. AGAIN. On the other hand, getting some actual shading in the whole thing on top of giving Valeon a better drawn pose and his updated clothes will have to make this thing look exceptional! 

And sadly, I think I know which one my heart has settled on. Terrible of me. I'd love to have one picture that I'm setting up and painting for myself that I don't interrupt with the itch to do something else!

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