Friday, September 9, 2016

Really gotta start paying attention to what day it is.

Because this is the many-ith time I've missed the 'weekly' post! *facepalm* And I've been trying to keep it since the Box of Blurbs days, so what is wrong with me? Sorry folks!

Been a little stuck on the Tre image. No one has to worry though! A friend has stood up and told me oh so plainly, with the figurative 'finger shaking' motion that, if I do not get finished with at least the sketch soon, I will be in capital Trouble.
Pretty sure that they can't seriously do anything to me. They'd be reaching over all the seas. But...but they said they wouldn't sketch a silly thing for me until I show something for Tre soon! That's just as bad. And it's not fair.

*cough* Not fair at all. Nope. The world will end if I don't get that silly sketch and it will just be not fun at all.

However, I have to again cheer for the lessons. I went through the Portrait/Head Drawing section in the video Library to draw Tre's head/face (shown on the previous post) and I'm currently trying to mimic certain videos in the Anatomy section to get the body drawn.

Should be better than just trying to draw from Clip's mannequins. XD Those are only supposed to be for the pose, anyway.

Again, many apologies on missing the proper weekly posts like I have been! I should be showing something for my drawing next post!

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