Monday, March 21, 2016

Tip: Don't save over your working file.

So I half have to start over on Maj. Yaaaaaaaaaaay. >_> Hooray for saving incorrectly on the file that you're working on! Don't have to start all over, at least, since I somehow didn't save over a png file, but gosh. That was something that only I could have done to myself.

It would have been absolutely miserable, drawing it from scratch! I'd have lost those jeans that I was so proud of drawing as well as everything else. Could still scream though...Anyway, here he is from before I messed up. Still not sure about that shoulder (our right) but I'm glad to have him at this point.

Tell you what, though. Maj'd better figure out how he wants me to dress him. I'm so close to trying to draw abs and leaving him in an openfront vest. Of course, the character doesn't quite trust me to do that "right". (Anyone who manages characters should know how they come to their own personalities--and it's fun to argue with mine. XD)

(Image edit posted on March 24)

Past messing up on the file, things really aren't that bad. My deviantart subscription finally wore out and now I don't have to bother paying for them anymore. My page on that site looks so bare! XD (Something that can easily be gotten over.)
I'm pretty excited, to be honest. That's money that I don't have to waste there--it'll find plenty more use on my domain name and other little things for this site.


  1. Yeah, I accidentally did that with one of my map files... and the file then corrupted. I'm not remaking that map. If I need to change something, I'll remake just the section that needs to be fixed, and 'shop it into the space.

    1. Oh nooo! Do not blame you at all for not remaking a map. Those are and can be much harder than drawing characters!