Monday, February 29, 2016

Corrected Blogger's links for this site!

After dancing between blogger's help files and several sites on google, the urls make a lot more sense! My Commissions page is actually saying it's a commissions page, the About page says it's an about page!
And it definitely looks a lot better than blogger's default url naming.

It's my fault for not noticing so long but it's great that it's fixed! If anyone happens to need to know how to adjust their links, the answer page I went to summed it up: "First, delete the page and create a new page. When you have done this, first write the title and then your post." 

What isn't mentioned (and is probably exceedingly obvious) is that you want to make sure that you've copied and pasted your information on Wordpad or somewhere you can keep it while you create your new page. Nothing worse than lost information!

Good luck to anyone else who needed this info!

Also, if you need how to correct links in a page like my art page, go into Layout and somewhere in this section, you should see Blog. That's where I found to edit those links. (And my site should finally be in order now! @@)

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