Friday, July 31, 2015

Nope. Nope, that's called distractions.

It's odd how far my mind wanders while I'm planning a picture. It's like I'm trying to do anything but what I intended to do. And if I decided to actually draw, I'd have a sketch to throw onto...wherever I decide to put it. 

In other news, these books I mentioned the other day have been quite useful. Can't say that I can draw it all myself yet, but I'm thinking that it's all getting a little easier. Whether that's good or bad is still up to debate, examples will be shown whenever I finally corral my head into doing what I want to do. 

See? I even know that I'm going to put it somewhere. If I could just make me get to drawing and not typing around on the computer! Brain, thou shalt be corralled and put to my tasks. Just keep a following this bitty trail! And how bitty it is. 

The excuse I give myself is that my brain's just good at being elsewhere. It can't be that it's just that tiny! XD 

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