Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maybe I should make a page for sketches...

Cause goodness knows I'm liable to flood deviantart with them, and people may not appreciate that. 

Hello again everyone, I am back. My apologies for the long hiatus, just didn't have too much to say. But now, something fairly "big" has happened! I ordered a few books off Amazon! From Amazon! It's almost amazing that everything is here and okay, what and all the horror the news likes to say about things.'d think I'd have learned by now, wouldn't you?

George B. Bridgman wrote all three of the books that I bought. For those who might not have seen my dA journal, they are: Constructive Anatomy, The Book of a Hundred Hands, and Heads, Features and Faces. (All links go to the respective Amazon pages.)
Out of all of them, I think that Hundred Hands is going to be one of the most treasured in my personal library. Of course, Constructive Anatomy is going to be high up there, but the other one is completely focused on hands.

But yes. As I said to begin, I'll probably make a page for these sketches. No one likes to be flooded with half finished drawings! Yes, some of the better sketches will find their way to dA but, while I'm learning how to work with these books, it's safer to put junk where I know there shouldn't be trouble. And, on top of Ctrl+Paint, Loomis, and Proko; with these books, I should eventually learn how to scratch together a figure!


  1. A second blog for sketches and tiny bits would be a pretty good idea, actually. It could set this one for more finished things and whatnot!

    How do the auto feeds work?

  2. What I've done is draw off the RSS feed for your gallery, and using the tools IFTTT provides, can auto-script certain fields (like Title, Content) to auto-submit to Blogger. Admittedly, I've never done it using images, only text, but IFTTT is pretty idiot-proof (not that you are one), so there's no harm in setting up an account for yourself and playing around without needing any handholding from me.

  3. No offense taken--the more foolproof something is can only be the better. And all it needs is for me to set an account on IFTTT and make the other blog? Very good. XD