Thursday, April 2, 2015

My tablet pen is not an inkpen!

Goodness knows my parents don't intend to cause any harm to things but I'm surprised that I don't have to change nibs more often. XD And I can sorta see why they'd be confused, it does have a similar look to several of our writing pens. Sometimes it being on the left hand side, unlike the writing pens, doesn't spare the poor thing, though.

So so glad that nibs aren't too expensive. And I'm glad I have around 8 or 9 left... XD

Also, an update to the room I was so excited about on the 23rd.

Very very happy with how the room itself came out. And I still haven't fully got any idea what should go on that table. Or if the character does or does not have a pet dragon. She wouldn't be the first monster hunter to have one! But if she does, I'd definitely have to show the little holes that it puts in the covers of her books...

And I do not want to draw that blame crossbow again. Especially in perspective--it was hard enough to draw it in her hands. XD

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