Saturday, December 20, 2014

Whoops, forgot the date!

However, I do have something to show for my delay. ^^;

(Update 12/27)

So. The flat colors are almost all managed. (As of now, I just need the buildings' walls colored in.) Naturally, I have also realized that my 'lights out' small windows won't exactly work on those giant ones. XD The building to the right is almost set up to be a store of some kind, so I could throw a couple shelves in there and build from that. And the lights will probably be on, there.

Don't have any idea what I was thinking for the building behind Jesse and Kima though. It may work for that one to be another shop of sorts; goodness knows that stores like to be across the road from each other. I can't think of any excuse that this building could just be a lived in spot with that big window...
It may be one of those big stickers though. The homeowners could have given the shop across from them permission to advertise. 

So many small ideas and not a plan to run with!

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