Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New project!

I'm going to finally decide how Norux Anihes and Alexander Tieph look. Have drawn plenty of pictures with them but they all tend to have the two looking far too similar. I might actually draw up Xander's parents and grandparents, because he can't exactly have come from nowhere...

(...well he could have, but usually that's just bad story writing. Especially if used by a "writer" such as myself. XD )

Anyway, as I see it, between Norux and Xander there would have been several generations. That bloodline is somewhat special because it granted that elven line a powerful elemental fire magic. The fire didn't turn up in every generation and when it did, its power was varied.

Until Xander. His 'gift' had gone completely unseen because the fire hadn't revealed itself at all in the past six generations. The elves had accidentally happened to cross the exact genes that would bring the fire back to the forefront. 
Xander had made himself known as a small time thief, minor troublemaker, and otherwise quite helpful fellow until his fire chose to awaken in the middle of a small village festival.

If they had all thought and had still been actively monitoring the bloodlines, they'd have easily known it was going to happen. Since they didn't immediately realize where it had come from, though, the elves panicked, thought it was a curse from their gods, and locked Xander up somewhere to try and force his powers down. 
After a few months of that treatment, Xander wouldn't have it anymore and broke the locks that was holding him in 'that cage'. He fled the forest and had never turned back, eventually meeting up with a Haley and Micheal in some town far to the north. The were operating a business that made, sold, and repaired instrument and were happy to teach the trade when Xander approached them for work.

Well, that got a little out of hand. XD The important thing is, I want to draw Norux and Xander because not only do they eventually meet in the story, they are related! Perhaps this will be as fun as I imagine it to be and just as much worth the work. 

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