Friday, August 1, 2014

Redo Cera. Yaaay. >>;

I think I can say a few things about this redo of Cera. 

First off, I've NEVER managed to make my lines so darn thin. I think I like it, especially since this version will be made 'lineless' when I get everything arranged again. And when I get the strap going across her waist, it'll make that wrinkle on her side make a little more sense. Difficult thing is that I STILL can't figure out how to get the wrinkles at the underarms, no matter how I look at it. So many layers have been undone and erased for that. XD

Reason I'm redoing my lines though is that I'm not at all happy with how close the clothing was to her skin. You'd think I'd have paid attention before. Of course not. That would make the work sensible. >>;  And on this version, I'm actually going to draw in a hairstyle to work with instead of just painting the darn thing.
Once I get the lines fixed though, it'll be easy to color. I mean, the flats were already chosen and I still have a copy of that! 

And maybe sometime in the long and distant future, I'll stop deciding to exchange an almost finished copy of things for a complete redo. >>; No telling though, this isn't the first time I've done this. 

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