Saturday, March 8, 2014


This is just a one perspective, I realize. And there are several more to learn to see and understand. But I have learned how to see and plan for a little perspective, thanks to Achipps and Nick! 
My proof? 

Photograph used is "Reading The Map" By  PigeonMaestro Check out the rest of his gallery when you get the chance!

This works! It actually works! 
At the moment, everything is about being able to see it. And I actually see it and understand why it's doing what it is doing!

...I have no idea if I can draw in this perspective. So no, I don't know what's going to happen next, even though I have a plan for it. XD What I do expect is that the pretty image in my head gets battered and twisted and turned until it's nothing like what I wanted, though. That's usually somewhere in getting things right.

I have learned how to see and prepare for at least one perspective!!! 


  1. Two is fun... if you're willing to accept "difficult and annoying but immensely satisfying when you get it to work and see the end result" as an alternate definition of "fun."

    1. Agreed!
      I think that's why I like doing art, yes. *nod* When you EVENTUALLY get something to work, it's real nice. XD