Sunday, March 16, 2014

I don't seem to have this perspective entirely down. XD

Quite naturally, I assume! If I weren't fighting with it as much as I am, I wouldn't be having any kinda fun with it at all and would probably give up on it. 

(Artwork edited and posted on the Mar 24 post)

I think I know what I've done though--I've got my 'do this' sketch 1) Too dang small and 2) not at all in the right top down perspective. It'll surely come to, I hope. 
I mean, PigeonMaestro's photograph (of which I'm using as reference to find what height my characters ought to be) is what's so faded out behind my work. I figure that is alright because I don't expect my group to be in town, the only thing 'same' is that they'll be reading a map.

And heeey, whenever I get a revised version, at least the closer hand should be able to be hidden. >>; I do intend him to be behind the character who'll be at the map. XD There'll be someone else pointing the opposite direction, I'm sure. 
Poor Jesse will have his work cut out for him.

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